Saturday, November 26, 2005



Today we are doing White Tantric Yoga at the Ashram. It's going to be a great and long day. If you haven't ever done it or heard of it, I suggest everyone tries. You can find out more at It is such a blessing to be able to do it, but I'm also feeling resistance inside me. I guess it is a Great way to cleanse yourself, but sometimes it's hard to see that you've got That much dust on your ceiling fan (I know it's a weird metaphor, but seriously, mine definitely needs to be cleaned).
So, I'm on the way to make myself shine a little brighter, evolve a bit, and grow in the company of the Holy.

Blessings to you - I'll let you know how it goes
Sat Nam

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Words of Wisdom with my photo of Fall time here in Espanola

Mirabai's Bhakti

Mirabai, 1498 - 1563, is considered to be one of the greatest women mystics in the history of India, and is seen as a great Saint by most all Vaishnava, Sant, Sikh and Hindu Paths. Below is from Mira, the Divine Lover, Radha Swami Book Dept.

Mirabi was a great poet-mystic, lover of the Beloved or bhakta (devotee).

My Master joined me with my Source,
the Sound (Shabd),
And I am lost in its Melody.
Ever do I live in the Shabd
My Master blessed me with.

Mira has known the Almighty Lord
By merging in the Ocean of Shabd.

Within this body the gong resounds
In sweet strains of Eternal Song.
Within this body of ten doors,
Day and night rumbles the Sound of drum.

Within this body burns a Flame
In resounding waves of brilliant Light.

O friend, the firmament within
Resounds with the Divine Melody.
Listen, my soul, to the clanging sound
That reverberates without any cymbals.
On the peak of Sunn burns a lamp;
Forever it burns without any wick or oil.

In Bhanwar Gupha revel bees
around flowers of bliss,
Flowers whose fragrance overwhelms
them with ecstasy,
Within Bhanwar Gupha swing souls
in exuberance;
Souls, who on getting the body
of five elements,
Did light the lamp of divine knowledge
within it.
My eyes oblivious of all else now gaze
at the Beloved without blinking.
The stupor caused by endless wanderings
has vanished,
And the Beloved speaks to Mira directly.

I love reading this becuse it is in the same frequency of reading from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. So beautiful! I started a Sahej Path in honor of my friend Lili - and I read about 1/2 a day - so that means I'll probably be reading it for atleast a year if I keep up at this pace. The Guru teaches me at every moment to be with the divine and remember the Divine so that upon my soul's journey back home, I remember the source even without my mind/body. This way I won't have to be reincarnated again and live in that which is duality, that which is living on this earth. This praise is so powerful. Wahe Guru!

Monday, November 07, 2005

God bless her journey

Well, my beloved friend Lili just passed out of her physical form today. God bless her. I am really happy that she is out of pain now. It has been a very transformative experience to go through from afar (she is in North Carolina). I have been learning how to tune into her spirit and work in that realm and assist as much as I can. Its been extraordinary to be able to talk to her spirit and help guide as much as I can. I really ... don't have words for it. She is teaching in so many ways about life and about death. I've come to a lot of realizations about the fact that really we are living to die - preparing ourselves for that moment where we can merge with the divine again. I also understand reading from the Guru in a totally different way now. It's as if it is revealing itself more, the more I understand the impermanence of this maya. We have the ability to get caught in the Earth's magnectic field when we pass out of our bodies - and to remember God's name while in our bodies will help us remember it and guide us there when we go - guide us across the terrible world ocean. So, basically I'm changed and since this is the first out of the next 17 days that her soul will journey, I feel like I'm in for a ride of complete learning. I feel so blessed to be apart of this transition in this way. Wah!