Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Journey into Bandelier National Park (located near Los Alamos in New Mexico). This was our refreshing weekend getaway. It was a 5 mile hike. These are the visual reflections of the experience that the mountain shared with us. Hope you enjoy ;)

Bandelier's hidden secrets. It was so amazing to be cradeled in her essence

Lovely Deva shining on our adventure

The first waterfall we saw there

It was so amazing to see how the land forms here - the rocks were all pushed and pulled - what a cool thing to see in something that we always think is inanimate - it's really living and changing here all the time

Getting a facial - the real way!

The Creek - it was so peaceful

The Falls

Close Encounters of a fairy kind

Imagine the story that's woven in here!

Reaching out to Touch Herself

Bandelier's Majesty

A really dope picture - I love it!

Guru Shabd getting to the bottom of things

The end of the journey