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Mirabai's Bhakti

Mirabai, 1498 - 1563, is considered to be one of the greatest women mystics in the history of India, and is seen as a great Saint by most all Vaishnava, Sant, Sikh and Hindu Paths. Below is from Mira, the Divine Lover, Radha Swami Book Dept.

Mirabi was a great poet-mystic, lover of the Beloved or bhakta (devotee).

My Master joined me with my Source,
the Sound (Shabd),
And I am lost in its Melody.
Ever do I live in the Shabd
My Master blessed me with.

Mira has known the Almighty Lord
By merging in the Ocean of Shabd.

Within this body the gong resounds
In sweet strains of Eternal Song.
Within this body of ten doors,
Day and night rumbles the Sound of drum.

Within this body burns a Flame
In resounding waves of brilliant Light.

O friend, the firmament within
Resounds with the Divine Melody.
Listen, my soul, to the clanging sound
That reverberates without any cymbals.
On the peak of Sunn burns a lamp;
Forever it burns without any wick or oil.

In Bhanwar Gupha revel bees
around flowers of bliss,
Flowers whose fragrance overwhelms
them with ecstasy,
Within Bhanwar Gupha swing souls
in exuberance;
Souls, who on getting the body
of five elements,
Did light the lamp of divine knowledge
within it.
My eyes oblivious of all else now gaze
at the Beloved without blinking.
The stupor caused by endless wanderings
has vanished,
And the Beloved speaks to Mira directly.

I love reading this becuse it is in the same frequency of reading from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. So beautiful! I started a Sahej Path in honor of my friend Lili - and I read about 1/2 a day - so that means I'll probably be reading it for atleast a year if I keep up at this pace. The Guru teaches me at every moment to be with the divine and remember the Divine so that upon my soul's journey back home, I remember the source even without my mind/body. This way I won't have to be reincarnated again and live in that which is duality, that which is living on this earth. This praise is so powerful. Wahe Guru!


At November 12, 2005 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

shabad by Guru Nanak ji

hm Gir swjn Awey ]
ham ghar saajan aa-ay.
(My friends have come into my home.)

swcY myil imlwey ]
saachai mayl milaa-ay.
(The True Lord has united me with them.)

shij imlwey hir min Bwey pMc imly suKu pwieAw ]
sahj milaa-ay har man bhaa-ay panch milay sukh paa-i-aa.
(The Lord automatically united me with them when it pleased Him; uniting with the chosen ones, I have found peace.)

sweI vsqu prwpiq hoeI ijsu syqI mnu lwieAw ]
saa-ee vasat paraapat ho-ee jis saytee man laa-i-aa.
(I have obtained that thing, which my mind desired.)

Anidnu mylu BieAw mnu mwinAw Gr mMdr sohwey ]
an-din mayl bha-i-aa man maani-aa ghar mandar sohaa-ay.
(Meeting with them, night and day, my mind is pleased; my home and mansion are beautified.)

pMc sbd Duin Anhd vwjy hm Gir swjn Awey ]1]
panch sabad Dhun anhad vaajay ham ghar saajan aa-ay. ||1||
(The unstruck sound current of the Panch Shabad, the Five Primal Sounds, vibrates and resounds; my friends have come into my home. )||1||

Awvhu mIq ipAwry ] mMgl gwvhu nwry ]
aavhu meet pi-aaray. mangal gaavhu naaray.
(So come, my beloved friends, and sing the songs of joy, O sisters.)

scu mMglu gwvhu qw pRB Bwvhu soihlVw jug cwry ]
sach mangal gaavhu taa parabh bhaavahu sohilrhaa jug chaaray.
(Sing the true songs of joy and God will be pleased. You shall be celebrated throughout the four ages.)

ApnY Gir AwieAw Qwin suhwieAw kwrj sbid svwry ]
apnai ghar aa-i-aa thaan suhaa-i-aa kaaraj sabad savaaray.
(My Husband Lord has come into my home, and my place is adorned and decorated. Through the Shabad, my affairs have been resolved.)

igAwn mhw rsu nyqRI AMjnu iqRBvx rUpu idKwieAw ]
gi-aan mahaa ras naytree anjan taribhavan roop dikhaa-i-aa.
(Applying the ointment, the supreme essence, of divine wisdom to my eyes, I see the Lord's form throughout the three worlds.)

sKI imlhu ris mMglu gwvhu hm Gir swjnu AwieAw ]2]
sakhee milhu ras mangal gaavhu ham ghar saajan aa-i-aa. ||2||
(So join with me, my sisters, and sing the songs of joy and delight; my friends have come into my home.) ||2||

At November 24, 2005 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bhenji, you are truly blessed to be doing a Sehaj Paath...


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