Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Dance and Play of God in Utah 2003

A call out to the Universe

So, I have some friends back home that just wrote this letter to me. It is really hard to try and see the dance and play of God and the divine destiny we are all living, while my friend who has two beautiful young boys and an amazing husband is going through Cancer. I'm merely sharing this letter with you becuase these are friends who I know and love. Lili has been battling Cancer for over a year now, and she is only in her 30's. The power of prayer can move mountains. Please open your hearts and put it out to the Universe to send some love in whatever form to her. They, as many people on this earth, need it more than ever right now. Blessings....

Now, the letter:
oh, my wonderful friends and family, i hate to burden y'all with our troubles, but i know that you all want to be kept in the moment with this info. after about a month of uncomfortable symptoms, i found myself in the emergency room having ct scans again only to find out that our biggest fear was playing itselft out in my abdomen. apparently the tumors have spread significantly throughout the liver, abdomen, and membranes. after having some fluid drained from the area my oncologist suggested i begin chemo immediately. neither ron nor i hesitated for a moment. so i started another round of chemo yesterday.

it has been an overwhelming 48 hours for us all. thankfully we are already feeling more love and support than we ever feel we are worthy of. so thank you to those who have come in that first wave!

this is such a difficult letter to write. my mind is EVERYWHERE. my concerns are endless. the hope is that the chemo will slow or stop the spread, possibly affect the size of the masses. we need more. we are asking for total healing! so, please, PRAY for me and my boys...pray for ron who is doing an amazing job holding us all together.

after 6 weeks of chemo we will reassess the situation. if things are shrinking...well, we'll keep on. our other option is to seek a private alternative cancer center. these places are QUITE EXPENSIVE and would entail me leaving my family for several weeks at a time. we are considering trying to raise some funds for this endeavour. ($15,000+) so PRAY for this too.

i am so grateful to know so many loving souls, to have so many great friends. i hope you guys know that i love you all.

in love and light.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Nurture thyself

How do you create your nurturing space?

Yesterday was the most glorious, nurturing day I've experienced. I woke up early to go to Bikram's Yoga class, followed this with African dancing which was sooo much fun, went out with a group of people to eat some food at the Tea House in Sante Fe, went to the amazing Asian spa 10,000 waves, and then topped this all off with an evening of Tibetan throat singing and digeridoo mastery. Wow - can you believe it?
It started with the flow and nurturing of my body to its 'just the way it is' perfected form. Then, I went to root myself with the earth by giving praise and exuding joy as my body danced and grooved to the heart beat of the drum. Then, to fill up my life energy with great food and ginger iced latte. Nourishing that which sustains my body.
Ahhh, to take a dip and sweat out the toxins, to heal and nourish my muscles, to lie in the sun and receive the charge of light. All the while, communing with my sisters of every age, every size, and every walk of life.
Then, to bring my ears and vibration to the most amazing spot. Hearing the throat singing taking me higher and higher on the journey and potential of us as humans. Every single tone was extracted from the bellows of their throats. It felt like we were sitting in the court of the Kings, listening to the musicians bring peace and joy to the whole kingdom. Pure ecstacy.

What an amazing, nourishing day. It allows me to not feel so bad for being at work on a Sunday.
How about you? How do you bring that nourishment to your life?

Singing? Dancing? Reading a book? Turning all the lights off and lighting candles? Taking a bath? Listening to the wind blow through trees?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Winding to the higher and spreading ourselves gloriously to the sky to dance in the wind. Photograph from University of Georgia Campus where I went to school. I would sit and do my schoolwork by this tree - taken in 2002

Prayer for Today

Panch Nishan Kaur, my office mate, and I were meeting this morning and after tuning in, we picked cards. The card we picked was "Write your prayer - Read it 6 Times before you leave Home. So, we got together and wrote our prayers.

Prayer for Today
My prayer is to serve the mission of the Siri Singh Sahib while always tuning into my heart and listening. May I follow through with my intuition to be present where needed.
May I learn to be loving no matter how challanging a relationship is. May it always be in the spirit of Apay Guru Chela!

I pray to fully heal and support my physical being by bringing balance in the form of meditation, yoga, exercise, and a consciousness to feed myself energetically with great food and great energy that I surround myself with.

May I serve the Khalsa Council so the meetings may be prosperous and filled with unbounding love. May all the pre-work happen gracefully, efficiently, and in the spirit of empowerment.

May the prosperity come forth so I receive a Toyota Prius Hybrid Hatchback in a beige color wihtin the next 6 months

With Love and Blessings.

What is your prayer for today? Can you read it 6 times fast??

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Flowers from Europe - Photograph by Ardas Kaur