Sunday, August 12, 2007

not so much

I didn't do my writing today because I slept really late (I'm not on a regular sleeping pattern since I was sick) and once I woke up I did a lot more communicating than I've done in the last month. I'm generally a talker and from being sick I really went more inside myself than I've ever been. It's like I turned from an extrovert to an introvert. It has been a fascinating transformation.

One person I did talk to was a young Indian Sikh child (13) who is doing a film for the Sikhnet Film Festival. He has a great idea about bringing awareness to ourselves as a human race by simply reaching out and connecting. He did this by interviewing people in his own neighborhood. This helped him both learn about different cultures/races/religions as well as teach about his own background as a Indian Sikh. It inspired me both to get back on the ball with making movies as well as send in my own film to Sikhnet. I am going to submit the video I did for MPA when I lived in India, but I also want to do another one. I have looked through some of my own footage and I think between the video footage and my photography, I can make something happen.

I also have been researching online to get a good website where I can showcase the goods that I am selling to make a living right now. I have realized the deep importance for me to have a job where I'm expressing my own creativity and running my own world. So, along with pursuing photography professionally by connecting with Yoga magazines, I am doing a wholesaling importing business of Indian goods. The first step, though, in our day and age is to get the products and photographs up online. So, in my research I just found a website where I am going to be able to show my goods - like an online brochure. I'll put in the prices for retail, but have it as a place that my wholesalers can go to in order to see what I have to sell them. I am excited about this as it is an answer to what I've been looking for.

I realize that it is important for me to remember that in life I don't have to 'do' everything. Instead, it's important for me to be able to have the vision for what I want to manifest and instead of getting up to try to make it happen, it's important for me to sit and let it evolve and come to me. Before I would always get up and chase after what I wanted. This is a whole new paradigm for me as it is a way I have never worked. But I do believe that it is a skill that will advance the capacity of my being and my vision in this world. I realized that I don't have much energy on this planet and if that is the case, then I have to use what I do have wisely.

In that spirit, I am going to do the meditation for guidance that I've been wanting to do and avoiding all day long.

Night :)