Sunday, September 11, 2005

Nurture thyself

How do you create your nurturing space?

Yesterday was the most glorious, nurturing day I've experienced. I woke up early to go to Bikram's Yoga class, followed this with African dancing which was sooo much fun, went out with a group of people to eat some food at the Tea House in Sante Fe, went to the amazing Asian spa 10,000 waves, and then topped this all off with an evening of Tibetan throat singing and digeridoo mastery. Wow - can you believe it?
It started with the flow and nurturing of my body to its 'just the way it is' perfected form. Then, I went to root myself with the earth by giving praise and exuding joy as my body danced and grooved to the heart beat of the drum. Then, to fill up my life energy with great food and ginger iced latte. Nourishing that which sustains my body.
Ahhh, to take a dip and sweat out the toxins, to heal and nourish my muscles, to lie in the sun and receive the charge of light. All the while, communing with my sisters of every age, every size, and every walk of life.
Then, to bring my ears and vibration to the most amazing spot. Hearing the throat singing taking me higher and higher on the journey and potential of us as humans. Every single tone was extracted from the bellows of their throats. It felt like we were sitting in the court of the Kings, listening to the musicians bring peace and joy to the whole kingdom. Pure ecstacy.

What an amazing, nourishing day. It allows me to not feel so bad for being at work on a Sunday.
How about you? How do you bring that nourishment to your life?

Singing? Dancing? Reading a book? Turning all the lights off and lighting candles? Taking a bath? Listening to the wind blow through trees?


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