Monday, August 22, 2005

The winds of change

I'm recognizing the winds of change blowing through these ethers.

Recognizing the closure of times that have brought so much fruition. This summer has been the BEST! Going through the changes and evolution of the self. Recognizing these patterns and habits of consciousness and just barely awakening to the potential that they exist - now, with more heartsight, I can change.

Once again mama moon shines her light, exposing all of the subconscious limits. Exposing the awareness that, actually, I don't have to live the way I have before - but it is a conscious choice to move into a state of grace and fully, fully look deep within.

It's like looking at a flower that has fallen, you look deep within to see the core, where all the petals came from, looking at the perfection and seeing the core is where it was perfect, and then from the external conditions, each petal unfolded in a unique way.

I am that flower, that core, challanging myself to really bloom from within and superseed the external conditions that I've always known as the rain, the snow, the sun. To bloom from within in that fully empowered state of being. To become crystallized.


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