Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween 2005


All of the pictures below were taken on Saturday night (the 29th, 2005) at a club in Sante Fe called Swig. I decided to do a documentary on Halloween because I found it fascinating to watch people dress up as other people/beings. Halloween seems like the only time of the year where a person is able to truly take a step out of themselves and venture into a projection unfamiliar to them. It comes in many forms such as movie characters, alter egos, or subconscious desires. I found it fascinating to capture people in this alter-projection. Either the person would fully embody the new 'face' or seem confused and on the spot about who they were supposed to be at the moment.
What was also fascinating was the limitation I found in female costumes. It seemed as if they felt trapped in the angel/vixen role of either being innocent or scandalous and sexy. I found the men, however, were able to push the envelope when embodying a different character, for example, there was a human dressed up like a toilet. Either way, this is a portfolio of human expression. Falling into different roles and archetypes, Halloween is truly a time to let go of oneself and delve into a different psyche - discovering how much of it is really in you.


At November 24, 2005 11:55 AM, Blogger Kush said...

Hey there, Gurudarshan! It's good to see you got your pics up. Looking at them, I can't help but smile at the craziness of the night; thanks for capturing all the moments for us!

Also, looking through your photography website, I really like the Shakti Grounding photo and the Evolution photo. In the Evolution shot, the child reminds me of an angel getting his/her wings or of the Winged Victory statue. Excellent capture.

Take care. It was good meeting you and your friends. I hope you see you around!


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