Thursday, September 21, 2006

City of Bliss

I just spent a weekend in Anandpur Sahib - the Holy City of Bliss. I travelled there with all of the students to begin the filming/documentary process. Just to let you know, I have completely decided to take the job here in India. We are still negotiating my livivng expense cost, but I am fully dedicated to teaching these students. After spending the week with them, I felt more and more confident and aligned with my destiny and the desire to be in service to their growth and capacity. I also got a phone - if you ever feel compelled, you can call me at 011 91 987 217 7362

So, I felt more in love and more in marriage to the Guru than I ever have. We visited the gurdwara where Guru Gobind Singh got married, the place where he wrote Bentai Chopai, and a few of his forts. I have great experiences at every place. Once I tuned in, I could feel the power and spirit that Guru Gobind Singh carried with him. I went into deep meditation and felt compltetley merged with teh essence of God and really got to a deep place of understanding of my name. My name means the presence, wisdom, or blessings of the Guru - the teacher and that which takes you from darkness to was a great feeling to know that my destiny is to just be and let the flow of the divine come through. Yeha yeah, I know it, it might wound a little's where I'm at.

love from the heart


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