Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chapter 1: Change of Plans

So....are you ready for some news? After my 42 hours of traveling, I finally arrived...all my kids with me (whew! that was fun!). I have been staying at the SSS's house across from the school this whole time and getting acclimated to the new time zone. Today was my second time going to the Golden Temple. I got the opportunity to read all my morning Banis there...what a blessing. The GT opens my heart up so much and brings out my higher self on all levels. What a blessings.

One funny thing that really helped me realize that I was in India was when I was riding the bus from Dehli to Amritsar. It was about an 16 hour ride...and I was falling asleep the whole time off an on. One time my eyelids opened up and I saw a creature walking across the divider in front of me. I didn't realize if it was just my imagination, but I quickly opened up my eyes wider and tried to see what it was. Just as I was dozing off again, a little mouse appeared again. I had two choices. I could either freak out that there were rodents on our bus, or surrender to the fact that this was this mouse's little home and I was the intruder. Ahh, India.

We also stopped at a Dhaba (little food shack on the side of the road) to figure out where the other two buses were. When we were here, I got to see a man puking...just standing there puking. It's one of those funny things that you don't want to look at, but at the same time can't stop looking at. The polarity we experienced was after driving 5 km down the road and going to an 'upper class' restaurant and eating great paranthas - clean water...bathrooms with toilet paper, etc.

So, I feel like I'm home here, even with all the insanity and crazy events outside.

On my first night I was offered a position teaching photography at the school. The next day I was offered the job of making the MPA informational video (all the marketing adn PR for the school). I know that my plans have been to go to grad school, but being offered these jobs opened up a part of my psyche. For some reason, I knew that when I came to India, I would figure out where I was going to be livivng adn what I was goign to do with myself in America. I considered San Francisco and LA (as my school is in LA), but over the last few weeks, neither seemed to really fit. It felt right being asked to stay here in India. Besides, when I was 15, the Siri Singh Sahib gave me a hukam to come and teach at the school. Somehow its opening up as what is supposed to be right now.

I went to the Golden Temple the next morning to ask if I was just being crazy by considerign staying or if it is really in my destiny. I went into deep meditation there and asked where I should be living. I got the VERY CLEAR answer that I need to stay here. Upon that answer, I asked again and again... "Are you sure?" I kinda of can't believe it....but I'm also listening to my intuition and follwoing my destiny with this. I'll update you more soon - I am going to see where I"ll be living today and really start to integrate what it means to living in India.

Over adn out. Love you so much!


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